Health benefits of Nettle leaves (25)

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health wise, Nettles (Urtica dioica) has traditionally been consumed as a nutritious food in parts of Northern Europe, where they are still eaten by some today. The leaves contain antioxidant substances and are rich in vitamin C, folate, and iron. Nettles also contain antihistamines and other chemicals that promote healing.there a lot of health benefits found within the plants.

health benefits of nettle plants

Research shows that these properties protect cancer cells, heart disease, and aging. Here is a list of the benefits you get from nettle leaves:

1) Cancer prevention – Studies show evidence of how nettle extract can protect against cancer cells. It helps to prevent tumor growth. Scientists believe that this may be due to an anti-inflammatory effect. Which is one of the health benefits of nettle plants

2) Heart Protection – Nettle leaf  to helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which contribute to heart health.

3) Healing Power – Nettle tea promotes wound repair by promoting cell turnover and collagen production during the recovery process. furthermore, research indicates that nettle leaf extract causes stem cells to multiply and differentiate into new skin cells. This ability to heal cuts and wounds makes it valuable for use in cosmetics.

4) Anti-aging – Nettle leaves help to reduce UV damage caused by sunlight. Therefore stimulate circulation, cleanse pores and improve skin texture.

5) Pain relief – Some research shows that nettle root extracts are effective at relieving pain because of arthritis or back problems.

6) Diuretic – Nettle leaves increase urination and eliminate toxins. This is because it creates a more alkaline body environment.

7) Digestive Relief – Nettle leaves aid digestion because they clean out toxins from the colon. Researchers say that this helps with constipation and diarrhea.

8) Immune system support – A study found that nettle leaf increases natural killer activity, helping boost your immune system. therefore, Antioxidants in nettle leaves may contribute to this.

9) Kidney Health – Nettle leaves have been used for centuries as a diuretic herb. Nettle juice aids kidney function, cleansing toxic waste products from the kidneys.

10) Skincare – An Austrian company produces a lotion made from nettle leaves to treat dry, flaky skin.

11) Stimulates Hair Growth – Nettle tea can be useful in many hair salons to add shine and luster to hair.

12) Insect Repellent – Nettle leaves repel insects and bugs.

13) Wound Healing – Many people swear that rubbing on nettle leaves speeds up healing time after an injury.

14) Tooth whitening – You can drink nettle-leaf tea or chew on fresh nettle leaves to freshen your teeth.

15) Cleaning agent – Fresh nettle leaves make an excellent cleaning agent. Just rub them between your hands and rinse well. moreover, this removes dirt and grime from hard surfaces like bathroom tiles.

16) Deodorant – Put a handful of nettle leaves in your armpits to absorb excess perspiration.

17) Reduce anxiety – Nettle plants are a sacred medicine. In ancient times, nettle leaves were burned to drive away evil spirits, bringing calm and peace. Today, if you dry nettle leaves and smoke it over the fire it can help to relieve stress and relax muscles.

18) Prevent baldness – Rub nettle leaves onto the scalp daily to encourage hair growth.

19) Fertility – because of nettle leaves, Native Americans used nettle roots as a fertility potion to induce menstruation.

20) Soothe rashes – Use nettle tea or apply fresh nettle leaves directly to irritated areas.

21) Make healthy soap – Because Soap is one of the most common ways to consume nettles. Add nettle leaves to your soaping water to infuse your bath and beauty products!

22) Treats headaches – Drink nettle tea to ease tension knots in the head.

23) Remove warts – Simply cut off the wart and rub the wart surface with the fresh leaves of a nettle plant.

24) Make your insect repellent – Blend 1 part dried nettles, 2 parts cinnamon, and 3/4 cup olive oil. Let sit overnight before using it as an insect repellent. Apply with cotton balls.

25) Get rid of poison ivy – Cut off the top of a nettle bush, expose the stems to sunlight, then place the exposed stems. this is the last, from the 25 health benefits of nettle leaves.


We dont know about you but we think it’s cool how nettle has so many health benefits besides just being good for your body because it also makes food and beauty products out of it.