Uses and effects of stinging nettle

stinging nettle
stinging nettle

Stinging nettle is one of the richest plants when it comes tits nutritious contains a lot of nutrients and minerals that are quite helpful in terms of keeping yourself healthy. There are several uses of the plants in so many ways ranging from food to medication. The plant can be found in Africa, North America, and Europe.



Over the years stinging nettle has been using to treat people with several diseases. these include high blood pressure, arthritis, gout, and anaemia. these are just some of the diseases that the plant is used to treat.

Food ingredient

The plant is also used as a food ingredient in a couple of dishes which include nettle mushroom pie, nettle pizza with fontina, and the common nettle soup among many other dishes. in all of these dishes nettle provides the right amount t of nutrients that one needs a single meal.


As much as nettle is recommended for health pur[oses there are also risks that one should be aware of. continuous taking in of nettle may result in several other problems.

 Stomach pains

There I a certain amount of nettle tight is recommended for the human body. However, if you take more than the recommended amount you might suffer from stomach pains that may be as a result of water or any other fluid retentions by stinging nettle.


The use of nettle by pregnant women is not advised by health experts. If one uses nettle whilst pregnant it can cause uterine contractions and in some cases, it is not good for the unborn child. The same goes for lactating mothers the use of stinging nettle is not advisable because it may cause breast engorgement.


As much as stinging nettle is rich in a variety of nutrients and minerals it also contains some compounds which are considered as health risks if they are taken in by humans .thrtee are several reactions that one may experience due to the use of stinging nettle.

Some of these reactions include hives and allergic rhinitis which are a result of pollen allergy. this pollen is also known to be a cause of hay fever.

Skin irritation

Continuous use of nettle if one is taking the correct amount is not bad at all because it will actually be helping the body function well. However, if not taken in a safer way nettle may result in one experiencing skin issues such as itching.

When making use of cetin herbs it is very important that you do your research

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