Steps of Making a Healthy and Creamy Chicken Nettle Soup

Nettles are the kind of food that nourishes and restores better than the other. This food is delicious as green vegetables, and it is rich in broth and green smoothies. The nettle makes you feel good and they blend well with different herbs to give nourishing infusions. Adding a pinch to tisane blends also adds flavor to the nettle soup. Therefore, here are the steps that are used to make creamy and chicken nettle soup.


You Have to Heat the Oil in a Saucepan

If you want to make a healthy chicken soup, you have to heat the soup in a saucepan. You heat the oil over medium heat. After doing this you add the onion, leek, and potato. You then cook for ten minutes until the vegetables start softening.

Add Nettle Leaves

Moreover, this another step that you use to make a creamy chicken nettle soup. You add the leaves and let them simmer for one minute to wilt. After wilting you then blend the soup. You then have to stir in the cream. After finishing this, you serve the soup with oil and dead nettle flowers if you have them.

Use a Food Processor

If you want to prepare a healthy and creamy chicken nettle soup, this is also what you have to do. Using a food processor smoothens the soup. You have to heat the soup at low heat. Use potatoes to garnish and season with pepper to have an amazing taste.

You Add Butter

If you want to make a healthy and creamy chicken nettle soup, you have to add the butter to a pot and swirl around until it forms.  You add onion and carrot for five minutes on the heat. You also have to add shredded chicken and cook for one minute.

Melt the butter in a Big Pot

For you to prepare a creamy chicken nettle soup, you have to use butter and melt it in a big pot. After doing this, you have to add onions and garlic for about five minutes.

You Have to Add The Cooked Nettles to The Soup

You add the nettles to the soup with a cup of water. You have to return the soup to a boil and cover it for five minutes. You have to remove the heat to allow the soup to cool.

You have to Save the Soup When it Is Warm

In addition, for the soup to have a better taste, serve it when it is still warm with olive oil.

In conclusion, these are some of the steps of making healthy and creamy chicken nettle soup. You can eat your soup at any time either when you’re watching movies, or playing online games like online casinos.



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