How to Prepare and Preserve Stinging Nettle in an Easier Way

Stinging nettle is highly nutritious and contains a number of nutrients. These include Vitamins, Iron and Calcium. Stinging Nettle is not as one can get it for free.

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      How to Harvest Stinging Nettle

      The leaves of the Stinging nettle can easily hurt a person. The chemicals in the leaves are very harmful such as folic acid. This causes a burning sensation in the body and is very harmful. When harvesting the Stinging nettle one must wear protective clothing that will help prevent from the Stinging Nettle such as long sleeves and closed shoes.

    2. Stinging Nettle as a Soup

      The stinging nettle is used as a soup by a number of people. When one cooks the Stinging nettle it will no longer be harmful. The ingredients used to make the Stinging nettle soup are affordable and one can have easy access to them. However one must not eat Stinging nettle uncooked as it is harmful to the health.

    3. Places Where the Stinging Nettle Grows

      The stinging nettle favors places with humid conditions. It grows in many parts of Africa and America. The stinging nettle grows in a place where the soil is fertile. They favor growing in places where there is sunlight. Many people don’t recognize the stinging nettle because it grows like any other weed and requires sunlight, water and fertile soil.

      The stinging nettle should be harvested in the early summer season. It usually grows slowly in the winter season. As soon as it blossoms the Stinging nettle must be harvested. In other countries the stinging nettle is harvested in winter because the leaves will be soft whereas in other parts the leaves of the nettle would be rough and bitter. When the nettle forms seeds it is advised not to harvest them during that time.

    4. How to Pick Stinging Nettle

      When picking the nettle one needs to wear protective clothing to avoid hurting themselves. One must cut the nettle 1, 5-2 inches from the ground to avoid making the nettle poisonous.

      The nettle has some parts which can be used and some of the parts cannot be used. People are discouraged from using the stems of the nettle as they are dangerous.

      The stinging nettle has a number of health benefits that has proved to be helpful during these times. These include it has high nutritional value, it reduces bleeding after labor, after surgery, it is used in treating wounds, it treats prostates and cures allergies.

      Stinging nettle is also used to make tea and soups. However even though stinging nettle is helpful people who are pregnant and those with underlying health conditions are discouraged from taking it without prescription.


The Stinging Nettle is a plant that is always available and one can get it for free. It is very useful as it treats different types of diseases. It can be easily found in many countries. In an era where people are being encouraged to go for organic stuff, it is definitely a better choice over pills.

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